About Us

Bizinfong is an online platform specialized in providing quality information to help people who are interested in establishing sustainable businesses in the world as a whole. We specialized in providing information on Finance, Business, Tax, Accounting, Investment, and other business-related topics.

We are to improve the life of the people of the world as a whole by providing quality and helpful information to inspire and help them in their business’s area of interest. At Bizinfong, we believe that to be a successful business, every business requires the right information about that business. Bizinfong is ready to provide the right information required for both existing and potentials entrepreneurs to be successful in their businesses.

Our Vision

To be a world-recognized business platform that improves the lives of people through the provision of quality information for building sustainable businesses.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of people in Nigeria and Africa as a whole through quality information about businesses. we say; “We Don’t Just Write Information – we write quality information required to be successful.

Area of Specialities

  • Finance: Provision of information about how to fund the business, funding tips, and others.
  • Business: Provision of information, business tips, guides on the business plan, business opportunities, and others.
  • Investment: provision of information about investment tips, investment oppourtunities, investment appraisal, and others.
  • Accounting: provision of information on accounting tips, how to keep a proper record of business, the importance of accounting, professional services needed, and others.
  • Taxation: the tax planning tips, tax terminologies, current changes in Nigeria tax law, and others.
  • And other business-related topics.